Spells You Pay For After You Get Results!

Posted on: July 8th, 2011
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Spells You Pay For After You Get Results; What a bunch of hooey! This is absurd and goes against everything a spell is. There has to be an “offering” whenever someone requests a spell be cast on their behalf. It has been this way for as long as the dawn of spells and spell casters. It is our sincere opinion that any website or person offering such a thing is nothing more than a fake out to get your money and perform rip off procedures. I’m sure it is only a ploy to find out who you are that is looking for spells (usually through your ip address), only to use this information to lead you blindly through their mysterious and complex corridors of false truths and misleadings.

This is so sad to our group as we are very effective spell casters and cast authentic spells for people in honest need, and hate hearing when someone gets scammed. The truth is, I’ve only written this blog post because we’ve seen a surge of new clients coming to us after being scammed by a particular website (that shall remain nameless) offering spell casting services where you pay after you get results. We cast spells that work! We do charge for our services and make no hidden agenda about it. Our business is not very profitable. We can only help so many people a day, and the costs involved in keeping a website up and running are not cheap. And that’s not even considering the time we take to cast, the time we take to research for a spell if the request is uncommon, or the cost of the materials and supplies we use to create the potions and elixirs that get consumed during the casting process. Nor the cost of the equipment or the time we need to collaborate amongst ourselves about each spell we cast. You might also consider that if a spell is customized–this would not only include a much more elaborate set of ingredients and supplies, but also customized chants by each of our spell casters to sing and speak during the spell casting rituals we perform.

I hope you’ve found this information helpful and that you’ve taken the time out to take heed of anyone offering spells you pay for after you get results, because without the offering a spell just won’t work. And this is a fact about spells and spell casting.

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